Comfort at the touch of a button


Tune reduces your energy consumption and with them your costs.

Thanks to Tune your rooms will always be at your ideal temperature.

Tune takes into account the temperature, the humidity and the weather outside, creating the perfect environment for you at all times.


Tune is equipped with a light sensor.

The first rays of light in the morning can wake you gently as Tune quietly opens the blinds.

You can let Tune control your lighting for you. Subtly, the slats adjust to the amount of sunlight available. Naturally, you can decide to control Tune manually as well, and save yourself the hassle of extra switches.


Tune allows for intuitive control of all your household gadgets.

It transforms your home into a multi-media palace which is full of surprises.

From your stereo to your home entertainment center, from your espresso machine to your refrigerator, the possibilities are endless!


At the touch of a button or automatically.

Light is a wonderful tool for creating a cozy atmosphere. Your home can shine in ways you’ve never dreamed of.

Whether desk lighting or chandeliers, small LED lights or large area lighting, Tune can conform your entire lighting system to meet your wishes.


Tune combines all your gear into a single, intelligent system.

Press and hold down Tune to see an overview of your moods and equipment. Turn the button to choose. It’s that simple!

Your friends will be amazed!

What is your mood right now? Choose a “Mood” from Tune and your room will adjust itself accordingly through light, television, temperature, music, shadows and more.


The more applications the better. Tune is equipped with unique software called guhOS. The software is open and can easily be expanded, allowing new gadgets to be supported on nearly a weekly basis!

Tune is compatible with:

And coming soon also with:


Be a guru. Let’s work together to create an efficient, luxurious future.


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